ON SALE!!! Red Floral Flow Glass Vase...Was $89.99

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ON SALE!!! Red Floral Flow Glass Vase...Was $89.99

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The freeform flowers on this dramatic red art glass vase are as pretty as the fresh flowers you'll put inside the vase! Get ready to admire this beautiful and artistic vase every time to you see it perched on your shelf or table. It also makes a fantastic gift!  For decorative purposes only. Individually hand-crafted for its unique beauty. Item may be slightly different from the picture shown here. Dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 9.25" PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: SKU Number:10018102 Catalog SKU:10018102 UPC Number:849179033033 Material(s):GLASS Merchandise is shipped from Simi Valley, California! Estimated delivery within the United States is 5 to 14 business days! NO PICK UPS are allowed, warehouse policy. We now deliver too @ Buyer's expense: Canada Guam Northern Mariana Islands America Samoa Puerto Rico Virgin Islands (USA) PAYMENT METHOD: I accept all credit and debit cards and checks with Stripe! All check must be Certified and submitted to my business account to be verified and to collect payment for merchandise. Checks must be made out for the purchase amount only. If check is more then $50 over the purchase amount, it will be recognized as fraud. Once payment has been verified, merchandise will ship within 24 hours. I will not accept any checks thru UPS mail at my residence office!

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